(Video) “Triple the Fun: Adorable and Hilarious Moments with Triplets”

Wow, look at that boy, look at your butt.

Oh, you can’t.

Really, it’s good enough, it’s okay, you don’t like it, Dash?


Oh my God, hi, baby,

Oh wow, three things of chicken Ashland.

What do you think about that Pikachu?

Hi, hello, Oh hi, daddy is so bad, doctor, what did you do?

Simon and Victor?

Oh my God, Simon, who did it is okay.

Oh, my God, push her over you.

Okay, I’m videoing right now.

Okay, Oh my gosh, perfect, all right, foreign.

Oh, are they yucky?

Are they yucky?

Dragonborn ready, go, hey, hey, yummy is she?

Yeah, He’s dancing.

John Cena, what are you doing?

Hey, stop please.

Okay, wow, sounds like a pterodactyl.

Hi, baby, hi, kicked in feet, friends, huh, oops.

So here, what does mommy look like when daddy’s the home late from work?

Really, really are you trying to make them into a purple man.

So, Aiden, what do you think of your new look?

Um, thank you, no tongue, no tongue, get him.

You are so excited, are you okay?

Wow, Oh my God, oh good girl, goodbye.

What’s up?

Oh boys, nothing ready.

Oh, wow, that’s funny, huh.

Wow, he’s so indoor.

Happy birthday, I need the keys.

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