(Video) Funny Baby Videos – The Moments Of Hilarious Dads and Cutest Baby

Thank you very much.

You ready everything.

Hey, hey, whoa good Hit.

What about you laughs.

Gotta break a rip here.

No, is that noise funny?

What if I sing, I say: hey, oh no, he’s not scary.

No, this is a mouse.

Give him a hug, give him a kiss.

Foreign, but my mind that was hard, huh, it’s supposed to be my bedtime, but we’re saying hi to the fans.

Yeah, How does the fans?

Yeah, exactly, I got high to the fans.

Yeah, I get that, but what are you doing there?

What are you doing?

It’s your bedtime, heck, foreign.

Ah, do it again.

That’s mean, find the water and get people off and stand and sign in the house.

Okay, Okay,

It’s happy.

We’re serious face.

You got mine gender reveal for baby.

Jordan Weaver, finish him.

Grayson, finish him.

Oh, champions, you know what she did.

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