(Video) Funny Baby Videos – Adorable Chubby Baby Moments

Oh, we can have it.

She looks like those cards.

Good, buddy, is that you’re gonna win again?

Thank you, Lucy.

Do you like the snow?

No, are you sure?

Can you catch it on your tongue?

Yeah, go up now, go down, up down, all right laughs.

Oh, look at you, here we go together.

He has, he has the baby’s binky Smokey.

Come here, don’t be saying, Dada,

Say mama, I know, is it amazing, I will sleep all night.

Yeah, Yes, I will sleep all night, I. Oh, that’s so impressive.

Go ahead again.

Keep trying, Catherine, what you doing you ever feel like dancing.

Is it yummy?

It is okay, thank you.

Okay, hey, um, you’re the best, you’re the best, you’re the best.

I love you.

There’s nothing in there.

Uh, it’s a dragon.

Wow, tear all the rules of Life.

What to do, what not to do?

Um, do not chew up.

Anyway, goes, and when we’re having a dance party, dance.

Okay, it was that one that you wanted.

Oh well, good job, buddy.

What else is in there, Marley?

Hey, make a funny face.

Who’s babysitting what?

I just hide it.

Wait, sit down, yeah.

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