(Video) Best Moments Of Funny Babies With Water – Cute Baby Videos

Thank you, thank you.

Oh, my God, shake your booty.

Is he gonna get him?

Avery dude, get it, whoa?

No, let’s just grasp.

Come on, sit down, Joey.

Oh, careful, whoa, look at it.

Did you like it?

Baby, we’ll have some fun and some relaxation time.

Foreign, seriously, child, seriously, seriously, seriously, there you go.

Oh, hey, hey, okay, wow, laughs, laughs, whoa.

Ah, it’s worth it, it’s too fun, you guys.

More clothes, nope, but it’s 90 degrees.

I hope you’re okay in a diaper, go down on your belly.

Oh, what are you?

What are you trying to do?

What do you think?


Oh, thank you, go ahead, go, jump, laughs.

Hey, hey, come on, oh, my God, laughs, shake it, shake it, baby.

I’m on a video.

Shake it, shake it baby, shake it baby.


Oh my God.

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