Best Video Of Cute and Funny Twin Babies – Twins Baby Videos

Thank you.

Oh my God.

Oh yeah,

Wow, hey, meow, meow s,

Oh my God, that’s my foot.

Oh my God.

Oh hi, baby Dylan, are you playing with baby Zach?

Yeah, You’re making nice.

Hi, cousins forever.

Oh, and kid, friendly, all right, come on, take a look, quality.

Don’t just look at your brother Emery.

What are you doing?

What are you doing?

Look at Mommy self, soon, calm down yourself, soon, calm down, so soon, foreign, you have a sucky.

Why do you need to take that one?

What are y’all doing?

Clean that up, Cinderella, busy, busy, busy.

Come on, Lillian, do your part, get it cleaned up, clean them floors, get it done, and you get them dishes worse.

Hi, Catherine, Margaret, you gonna beat on your sister again.

Be nice, be nice, to be nice, nice, nice, nice.

Hey, Catherine, be nice, Catherine, be nice.

Oh, are you holding hands?

No, you don’t want to hold hands, why not foreign?

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